Ms. Carolina Dogwood Queen 2008 Cynthia GrinerWhat can I say, one 15 minute treatment and my teeth whitened 4 shades—Unbelievable!!” -Mrs. North Carolina 1999, Cinamon Loyd, Ms. Carolina Dogwood Queen 2008 Cynthia Griner, and Miss Dogwood Queen 2008 Heather Oakley.

Wow! What a product. My daughter had seen a dentist and was quoted $600.00 for a tooth whitening session. I found one of your dealers at the spa and had everything done for $169.00. Her teeth have never looked whiter. Plus, this was done in less than a half hour instead of weeks. Our whole family now uses your other product, the Whiten My Smile Now pen and we love it.” Thanks -Shannon and Joy

My dentist quoted me $350 for a home treatment kit. He said that he had to make a custom tray for my teeth and then I would have to put the tray with gel in my mouth every night for 45 minutes before I go to bed and that for 2 weeks in a row! I think NOT! I found out about Whiten My Smile Now teeth whitening and it took only 15 minutes and half the price and my teeth are sparkling white. Thanks Whiten My Smile Now teeth whitening. I told all my friends about it and they can’t believe how fast and inexpensive it was.  They are all lining up to get it done, too.” -Mary

CrystalI couldn’t believe that my teeth looked this white after the treatment! I’m so excited to tell all my friends about this procedure! I had Zoom done at my dentist office 4 years ago and paid $600, and didn’t get near the results that I’ve gotten with Whiten My Smile Now teeth whitening for only $169! Amazing!” -Crystal

I followed your instructions and invited 10 friends to a (white) wine and cheese party—-My friends were all excited to hear about this rejuvenation of the smile, the price, and the speed. We all enjoyed some missed chit-chat but more importantly, at $149.00 each, everybody’s teeth got amazingly white in less than 3 hours of fun and I got my teeth whitened for absolutely FREE!! By the way, I booked 2 additional home parties.” -Kim B.