How long does whitening last?The Experts In Teeth Whitening
For most people the results are long lasting. Exposure to coffees, tea, tobacco, red wines and other stain-producing substances will eventually darken teeth over time. Age, genetics and general hygiene also have an effect on your treatments longevity. We suggest a maintenance pen for in between treatments to get maximum longevity out of your whitening treatment!

How long has WhitenMySmileNow been in business?
We were the first (non-dentist) teeth whitening company to open up in the state of NC for teeth whitening in 2008 and are an Accredited Better Business Bureau Member (Charlotte)! We have successfully administered over 30,000 whitening sessions since that time and that number continues to grow! We were the first company in this field to offer the newest break through in teeth whitening technology with the “Brush On Treatment.” Remember this, if you want White Done Right, come see the leading experts in the teeth whitening industry! Be leary and careful of the copy cats just trying to make a buck off of you!

What should I know about the other guys down the street offering whitening?
Be careful of competitors who are copy-catting off the backs of our hard work and the years of established relationships we’ve built. Check out how long the competitor has been in business. Also be leery of companies that say “more locations coming soon” and list multiple locations with only one phone number. Also, cheaper is not always better! Remember, if they are using the “Talk Bad About the other Business” tactic to try and build there business, stay away. There are countless hours of research on the product and the process that we offer that can not be imitated even if it appears they are doing so.

Are you a dentist or do you have licensing for this?
Fortunately, the Federal Trade Commission (the FTC) has recently ruled that non-dentists can now whiten teeth, and with advances in whitening solutions and LED accelerators, we can now do the job for between $49 and $249 and in as little as 15 to 45 minutes. Of course this varies on the degree to which your teeth have become stained, but be assured, we will whiten your teeth in a fraction of the time and expense.

What’s the benefit of having my teeth whitened?

Besides the fact of keeping good hygiene practice and getting the stains off the teeth, your teeth will leave glowing and whiter than ever before! Not only will your teeth look noticeably whiter, many Cosmetic Medical Research Associations have found that Teeth Whitening is the most cost effective way of making you look 10 years younger! White teeth are signs of good health, vitality and youth! Appearance does matter in any career! If you want “White Done Right,” come and let the experts make you look 10 years younger!
Our gels are 100% All Natural, ALL AMERICAN MADE, and FDA Regulated to insure your safety.Our gels are 100% All Natural, ALL AMERICAN MADE, and FDA Regulated to insure your safety

Will this procedure harm the enamel on my teeth?
Our product is safe and FDA compliant and will not damage the enamel on your teeth!

Is there any sensitivity during or after the treatment?
Sensitivity becomes an issue with these long drawn out bleaching procedures such as White strips or take home trays. With our procedure, the gel only stays on your teeth 15-45 minutes so if there is any sensitivity, there is usually very minimal. We have administered over 30,000 treatments since 2008.  The Whiten My Smile Now system uses 16% hydrogen peroxide yet gives little or no gum irritation along with spectacular results!

How long will it take to see results?
Our clients see immediate results, varying between 3-22 shades whiter. Teeth continue to whiten for up to 24 hours following the treatment, with attention to WhitenMySmileNow’s after care recommendations.

What if I have gold caps, bonding, crowns or partial dentures?
People forget that their teeth are “live” organisms and porous, so they absorb staining agents. The “fake” teeth are non-porous and do not stain. Anyone with partials, crowns or implants are perfect candidates for this procedure. Bleaching of the natural teeth remove stains that occur over time. The result is a better and more even match to the crowns, bonding or veneers.

How Do We Compare to ZOOM®?
ZOOM® has been the industry standard for the most effective whitening for years. It utilizes prescription strength hydrogen peroxide and it does do a great job at whitening teeth. But, for about $500, that’s a bit expensive! Our process is virtually identical to ZOOM®, except that we use the highest strength NON-prescription strength hydrogen peroxide and our prices are less than HALF of dentist administered ZOOM®.